Email Delivery Issues

Hey all,

I’ve received feedback that some folks are unable to receive MHT emails. After digging into the issues, certain ISPs and email providers are blocking MHT emails before they can get to the inbox. The biggest culprits are Yahoo and Microsoft, but there are a couple others as well.

What I’m doing: I’ll be looking into the root cause of this today and hope to have a fix by EOD. That fix might take some time to propagate across the web and for email providers to acknowledge it.

What you can do: If you want to get into MHT sooner than my fix will go out, use Gmail. I’m seeing zero blocked or bounced emails from them.

Sorry for the issue! Reach out to me if you have any questions and email me if you are impacted.


Quick update: it looks like we’re being throttled. We have an abnormally large number of users on Yahoo, AOL, and MSN compared to similarly sized websites. I’ve double checked our domain is verified and validated, as well as the address we’re sending emails from. I’ve decreased the maximum number of emails users can receive in a day.

How you can really help: whitelist in your inbox if you use any of the above mentioned email providers. Even if you are actively receiving emails, providers track how many users whitelist an email address and will make adjustments accordingly. If you feel you’re receiving too many emails, please let me know. The email settings are fairly customizable user by user.

While we’re on the topic of MHT, I did promise to be transparent. Here are some metrics over the past month. As expected, everything is on the rise now that football season is beginning.

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Piece of advice for everyone, try out Gmail…very easy and simple to use, good data privacy, a lot of storage…and in the end you’ll help me out here at Google :slight_smile: