Eli Yofan

What am I missing about Eli Yofan? Why is he not in the plan, and why no playing time. Please enlighten me.

To play, there can’t be a dropoff when you come in the game. At his position, he has to be able to handle and shoot the ball at a level similar to Ipsaro, Cooper, Mabrey, or Dean. And in my estimation, while he plays hard whenever he’s in the game, his level doesn’t match the 4 guys I mentioned.


I am more curious about Kotecki than Yofan. I understand we only have so many post minutes to go around, but Kotecki has played one minute total in the last two games. I have a conspiracy theory on this that is pure speculation but who knows.


He wasn’t dressed Saturday, I assumed he was injured. If not, what is the reason for not dressing?

I have a conspiracy theory too. It involves the coaches seeing the players every day and knowing how they do or don’t fit into game situations while trying to develop continuity on the floor. Just a theory though.


We have a lot of players with his skill set. Glad he’s on the team as he seems like a quality dude who is very bright.

Because he isn’t good enough to get minutes.

That could very well be the issue with Kotecki. Or perhaps it is something else. Or a combination of factors.

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Me, too. Granted, it wasn’t a D1 opponent, but he dropped 13 on Wilberforce in 16 minutes, and in conference play he’s only seen a total of 9 minutes. And is Yofan still a walkon, or is he in scholarship now?

Still a walk on. He had great high school credentials.if I were him , I would consider moving on since an athletic scholarship is not holding him, although maybe an academic one is.

Then that’s another reason why he’s not playing much. Even if he were more skilled, you’re not going to see a walkon take minutes away from scholarship players. It’s difficult enough as it is right now to keep players from transferring.

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No good team plays every player on their roster. That is sometimes done early in the season as you sort out your rotation. By this time in season, good teams usually have it down to 9 or less. Some get down to 7 by the end of the season. It is about trying to win. Guys battle to earn playing time throughout the summer and fall.

Now if you are talking about a Jr High team or a JV team, it is a little different. You are trying to win but you are also trying to keep kids interested and to develop them. Sometimes the 5-8 8th grader becomes the 6-5 Sr. Frankly, Eli does not seem to be as talented as our other smaller guards that he is competing with. He gets a chance every day in practice to compete against them…Yes, he could be playing regularly at some level of college basketball, but he has chosen to be on a D-1 team as a non scholarship player. As such, he has played a lot more in his first two years than any non scholarship player I can remember. This year we have a much deeper roster than in Coach Steele’s first season. We actually brought in 4 guards who moved ahead of Eli in the rotation, Hunter, Dean, Ipsaro, and Cooper. Last year we finished 12-20. This year we are 10-10. That shows a lot more talent on the roster.