Eastern Michigan at Miami 7:00 ESPN+

Miami is 13-17 ( 7-12). EMU is 10-20 ( 5-14). Eastern is tied with NIU for 10th and is eliminated, Miami is 7th, with a win we finish #7. With a loss, we could stay 7th, drop to 8th, or drop to 9th if BG upsets Toledo and/or CMU upsets Akron.

This is Senior night and 6 Miami Seniors will be honored. Dalonte Brown and Precious Ayah have exhausted their eligibility, the other guys all have a year left so I am not sure if they will all be leaving or some will be back. Time will tell.

When we played at Ypsilante earlier in the season, the Eagles hit 12 or 20 threes in the first half ( their school record for a game was 15) and got up over 30 points, final was 85-75 Eastern with Miami making a late run.

Freshman Noah Farrakhan had 28 and fellow guard Nate Scott 25 in that game. We were led by ICL with 20, Grant with 13, Williams with 11, and Avance with 10. Hopefully our next game will be Thursday in the MAC quarterfinals in Cleveland.

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I think Brown goes off and scores 30+. Why? Cuz I say so.

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Decent student turnout.

Expect big game from Lairy after two foul plagued ones.

Both teams chucking a lot of 3s. 10-8 Miami at the U16. The way these teams play “defense,” this one could be in the 80s.

Our treys are falling. 21-11, time out Eastern.

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14-0 Miami run. 26-11 at the U12.

21-0 run!

We are playing well (against a bad team) great news

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We’ll see if this is the start of a run or a last hurrah.

I lost my feed

46-29 at the half

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So I was at the concession stand, and the guy asked if I was using credit or Miami card. My night has been made.


No FTAs, but we’re 19-30 from the field.

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I don’t like the defensive intensity (or lack of) to start the 2nd half. In the 1st half, we played with energy and moved our feet, forcing some mistakes from their backup point guard. Farrakhan not playing is the difference in the game so far. But so far in the 2nd half, Eastern isn’t giving the ball away and they’ve gotten easy looks. One offensive drought and this game could get close unless we play with some more energy defensively.

Ha…worth the trip alone…please card me!

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Toledo beats BG 96-56. BG is out. Now it’s down to who’s 7th and 8th. Akron leads Central 38-32 with 12 minutes left.

I really hope we maintain this lead so we can pull our seniors to a standing ovation.

We passed up an open layup for an open three and then passed to a contested three