@ Duluth

Duluth is 11-8-1 (4-3-1). First game of four in Minnesota - next weekend is at St. Cloud St. According to the broadcast last week the team is spending the week up in Minnesota between the games.

0-0 in the first currently, SOG are 4-7

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Got it to the end of 1 without getting scored on. Shots 8-6 UMD. Good effort.

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These announcers are definitely homers. Complaining about both penalties against UMD this period

I’m listening to the Miami feed on radio. Big test for Hawks against this pp

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Nice kill

Damn! Gave one up!

UMD scores. 0-1, 3 left in the 3rd. Bit of a weird bounce on the goal

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Had some chAnces. Need to sink one. Savage is a chip off the old block!

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Hanging tough. Need a goal early on the third. Good defense but not getting enough going up front. Have to stay out of the box in the third! Absolutely!

Miami cuts it to 2-1. Still lots of time. Next goal is critical!

Next goal is UMD’s - so is the next one. Down 4-1 with 5:15 left.

Bad teams often play tough and then collapse. That’s us…

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Have totally fallen apart in the third.

So painful

I changed my mind. Drop hockey. Football and basketball may only be average, but this is embarrassing.

Don’t drop hockey. Drop the N.C. H. C. I would give Bergeron 2 more seasons. If we still cannot compete then, try finding a different league.

Is leaving a conference that easy?

Hire Rico

There is a big buyout to leave the NCHC. But, as part of a reshuffling, we can probably get out. It would be an initiative by all to get back to a regional focus. Heck, Notre Dame, with all the money in the world, ditched Hockey East after a little while and got into the Big Ten.

Minnesota State, Bemodji and the Fighting Rico’s go to NCHC, and Miami and Western back to CCHA. Maybe add Bob Morris or Mercyhurst to the CCHA? But…lots of folks need to agree. Minnesota State May look at us as a reason why NOT to do it. Great success in the CCHA, but a MUCH different ballgame out West!


There are going to be a lot more decisions made by schools without Top 40 P5 football programs based primarily on cost containment…The ACC yesterday issued a statement that implies its members want to completely reevaluate the scope of college athletics. That might just be the tip of the iceberg. We jumped into the expensive deep end of the pool (NCHC) when our hockey program was at its zenith. It’s time for a readjustment and realignment. In the NCHC we are competing with schools that treat hockey like other schools do FBS football.


Three questions:

Why would Western feel the need to abandon the NCHC? They seem to be competing just fine. They’re in second place and can move into a tie for first if they sweep UND this weekend. It might make sense from a cost and rivalries perspective, but they don’t apparently need to do it for competitive reasons.

Secondly, wasn’t there some bad blood between Miami and BG when we left for the NCHC? BG feeling that we blocked them from moving with us. Are they going to welcome us into the CCHA, or are they going to try and blackball us?

And third, weren’t we a school that treated hockey like FBS football from investment, promotion and fundraising focus perspectives?

I turned on the game after getting home from running errands and we’re actually leading ?! Whoa. 2-1 at the second intermission.

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