No Dukovac (illness), no Hallen (illness), no Demsey (UBI). Donato and Feenstra back on the blueline though.

Here we go.

1-0 bad guys on a rebound shot. Persson has three great saves but no one picked up Loheit, who was the trailer.

Miami kills back-to-back penalties then UMD scores. 2-0.

It could be much worse with killing off three power plays and Persson basically standing on his head several times. We’re on pace to give up over 50 shots again tonight… :grimacing:

I don’t know how it’s even possible, but I think we might actually be worse on the power play than at full strength.

Two goals in the first 5 minutes of the third and we’re back within one goal!

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Thanks. My internet has been terrible all day!

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Duluth gets a major and game misconduct for contact to the head with 10 to go.

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Just. Win. Baby.

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A couple of good chances at the end with the extra attacker on but no dice. 3-2 UMD final.


We are better. Not where we want to be. But better.


Agreed. The inconsistency is what kills me. We seem to play well for approximately one period a game. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


Miami up 2-1after one in Game 2. Sladic and Red Savage with MU goals. Excellent first period.

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I just tuned in and was shocked to see that we actually have a lead! Let’s hold it!!


Miami 4 UMD 1 after an empty netter. What a nice surprise.




Sweet win! Happy 2023!


Today I learned we bus to Duluth. Good grief.

And to carry over from the other thread, that isn’t helping recruiting either. But CCHA travel in 2023 wouldn’t be much better.

That sounds like a long trip 10-11 hours ouch.

Although I have flown to Duluth for work in February in my career and that is no box of chocolates either