Denver playoffs: Final series of the season

And Minnesota State played DU for the title last year. The B1G with all their bluebloods and money hasn’t won a title since realignment. Are they G5? CC’s tournament run combined with the fact that Miami finished 11 points behind them really speaks volumes to how bad Miami is in the NCHC with NO turnaround in sight.

I know the exit fee makes leaving prohibitive, but if Saylor could work out some deal where the NCHC takes Arizona State and lets us leave with no fee in return, we should take that and never look back.


In case anyone wants to know the actual statistics:

Since the NCHC was founded, there have been 8 seasons when a National Tournament was held (no tourney in 2020 due to covid).

The NCHC won 5 of the 8 National Championships.
Hockey East won 2 of the 8 National Championships.
The ECAC won 1 of the 8 National Championships.

During these 8 tourneys:
The NCHC has averaged 3.25 teams per year.

The CCHC has averaged 1.88 teams per year - usually Minnesota State and/or Michigan Tech


Thx d-day! My interest was more in the NCAA bids than the final national champ results as I was looking at it from the perspective of which league might give us the best chance of being relevant and getting into the “dance” again.

So, CCHA has had at least 2 every year except one time over 8 years. To me, that’s a little different than a one bid G5 type league in hoops.

Cassetti enters the transfer portal. Was hoping he’d stick around for his fifth season.

Be warned: This could be a brutal couple of weeks, boys (and gal).

If he has graduated, which must be the case you can’t complain.
Remember,he came to Miami as a TRANSFER from Merrimack,
who made the NCAA tournament as of yesterday.


Saw Red Savage might in the portal

Where did you see that?

All over twitter

I just heard the same thing about Savage and came here to check/confirm.

Back to lurking.

what do you bet to a school in “ that state up north”?

Bonk was unfortunately prophetic w his comment above on the portal. Not much fun playing for a perennial last place team. Kinda speaks to the point that recruiting advantages from being in the NCHC may not reach down to a program that is seemingly uncompetitive.

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Thanks for the info.
Hate to see this.The Savage family is 1000% Miami.
Best of luck to Red and the entire family.

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Can’t blame him 1 bit. Not fun playing on a awful team that is not improving 1 bit.

Miami Hockey: Feel The Rush…to the portal!

Redhawks currently in the portal:

Chase Pletzke
Mike Holland
Red Savage
Alex Murray
Joe Cassetti

Savage didn’t enter the portal without already knowing his options so he’s probably in final negotiations on where he’s going to land.

Next year is going to be fun.

Back to lurking.

Lurker: you mean even “more fun” than this year? :cry:

Under 10 wins next season probably and usual spot in standings.

Maybe there should be a newly created thread for hockey portal announcements…

What’s the link to the hockey portal?

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I follow the one on GPL: NCAA D1 Hockey Transfer Portal • Gopher Puck Live

Back to lurking…

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