Denver playoffs: Final series of the season

Chrona, Rizzo and Behrens out for Denver. Hallen out for Miami.

Our brief preview: NCHC playoff preview: Miami at Denver – View From the Glass

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Glutton for punishment that I am, the kid and I will be there tonight and tomorrow. :grimacing:


Down 2-1 after the first. I have to say, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by our play so far. We’re actually still in this. :flushed: Fletcher’s goal was a thing of beauty (and made me happy I shelled out a few extra bucks for the seats right behind the goal, lol). I didn’t have a great view of either of the DU goals, but the power play goal kind of looked like a funky deflection that Persson didn’t have much of a chance at.


Miami’s power play has little to do with power.

I told the nice older couple next to me that our power play is straight up terrible…

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And then after I trash talk the power play, we get a power play goal, lol. (It still kind of sucks)

3-2 after two…I never thought we would still be in this game two periods in! We actually have a chance! :flushed::crazy_face:


4-2 DUh. Devine with all four goals. Eighth hat trick allowed by Miami this season, fifth natural. That’s not a typo.

As bad as the power play is, the penalty kill is worse tonight.

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6-2 final. Late ENG.

The score feels a little misleading for how competitive I felt like we actually were for much of the game. I really felt like we might have a chance right up until DU went up 5-2. I guess anything would have been an improvement compared to how we played here in January. :smirk:


Totally agree. Miami didn’t play that badly, just facing one of the best teams in Division I because the RedHawks are the No. 8 seed.


Devine’s 4 th goal was on a cross-ice pass that was deflected off our D man’s stick.when it’s your night it’s your night.


One more game this season. Hope next year sees real improvement.

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With too many of Miami’s athletic programs it’s become hope for better next year.

This is not going to go well tonight. Less than 3 minutes in, two major defensive breakdowns, two DU goals.

Make that three. :tired_face:

ETA: 4-1 after the first. Definitely not the same team that came to play last night. No energy at all.

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Till we get out of this league hockey is going to suck

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Denver with a 6-2 lead, late in the 3rd

Quick threadjack, Colorado College sweeps Why Western to make the Broncos wait for the seedings

Now 7-2, Pioneers

And it’s now a final.