Deland McCullough

The Athletic has Deland listed among the top 30 assistant coaches in college football.

29. Deland McCullough, Notre Dame RBs

Several running backs coaches have gotten head coaching jobs in recent years, including Marshall’s Charles Huff and Kent State’s Kenni Burns among them. The 50-year-old McCullough, who helped the Chiefs win a Super Bowl before coming back to college football, has been in the mix for some head coaching jobs before. He’s one of the best position coaches in the country regardless of role and has also shown a good eye for talent. He’s re-stocked the Notre Dame running backs room and is likely to be a strong candidate for some openings this winter if the Irish keep ascending.


great for him , 50 ! wow.


Yep. 50 is amazing. Someone from Baltimore told me this week that John Harbaugh had a big 60th birthday party last fall. I didn’t believe him. Looked it up and he was right. He’ll be 61 next month…a year older than Michigan Jim.

Class of 84 like me for John. I turned 60 last October

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