Death of former Reds backup catcher Bill Plummer

Some very sad news today….

Plum and I became good friends during his time with the Mariners when I was a clubhouse assistant there in the 80s and 90s. He was our bullpen coach and served a year as our skipper in 1992. Great guy!

The last time I talked with him was in 2003 - before a Yakima Bears game at Everett - when he was the Northwest League Bears’ skipper.

Plum was 76…died at his home near Redding, California of a heart attack.


Sorry to hear this. Very solid backup to Bench.

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Just watched this on YouTube. Lots of memories from being a Reds fan in Cincy through my time in Seattle and beyond.

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I will never forget the greatest single day of his MLB career. I can always remember it because it was the day of my high school graduation: June 6, 1976. He drove in seven runs that day. I think he hit a homer and a triple, might have been off Steve Carlton. I remember talking about his performance at the graduation ceremony with some of my friends.

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Great memories, Chris!
P.S. I think it even may have been two HR’s off Carlton!

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We moved to Cincy in the Fall of 1974 just in time to see the hey day of the Big Red Machine. I had forgotten who was Bench’s back-up until now. .

Sad loss.

Speaking of the Big Red Machine of the 70’s, I was at Miami during both of the World Series championships in 75-76. I vividly remember watching some of the games at the frat TV room, and was honestly taken back by how much the Cleveland/northern Ohio contingent hated the Reds, and openly rooted for the East Coast Red Sox and then the Yankees.

I had grown up in Cincy as a Browns fans as a little kid before the Bengals started the franchise and mildly rooted for the Indians (and the Tigers as my parents were from Detroit and my Dad and grandfathers were big Tiger fans).

To this day, I kinda like the Indians (oops… Guardians) and Tigers. Despite living in every time zone iny career, my primary loyalty to the Reds (and Bengals) has never abated.

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Yep. It was two dingers off the Sphinx that day!