Conference Tournaments and TV

I have a simple observation that I noted today (and maybe it has been going on for a while), but I was curious to have some opinions.

Hulu and ESPN seem to note for the major conferences (Big 5/6) the ranking numbers for matchups. For example, Minn #14 and Nebraska #11 (8-21 and 16-15 respectively) in the game tonight, but they only do the “rankings” for the “BIG” conferences. Other conferences on ESPN and HULU do not have a #ranking for the conference tourney round games, etc.

Is that a TV/ESPN tactic to get people to watch a game because of the “rankling” listed? For those in “the know” of course not, but for the general public, it looks like the “BIGS” are always ranked.

Another ploy against the “mid majors?”

Watched NKU/Cleveland State and Gonzaga/St Mary’s on Monday and both games had their tournament seeds next to their name on the score graphics.

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I watched the Horizon final between NKU and Cleveland St and both seeds (4 and 3) were always shown with the score.

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Good to hear that. It may have just been on the Hulu ESPN preview screen that I did not see it.