Coming to a drive-thru near Sackman


RIP Rolling Rock?

Fellow Hawktalkers,

Far worse beverage matters are afoot! Cincy Light is a Rheingeist product, the proceeds of which go to support UC athletics.

How is this worse you may ask? It is currently on draft at Mac N’ Joes and Skippers. If that isn’t worthy of a boycott I don’t know what is.


Of all the places in Oxford, those two should know better.


Some motivated students and alumni in conjunction with the athletic department ought to start brewing and selling Lottie Moon Lager, Stanton Stout, Hepburn Hefeweizen, Anderson Amber, Pearson Pale Ale, Porter Porter, and Dennison Dunkel just to name a few.


Municipal Brew Works in Hamilton makes a decent beer. Would love to see a partnership there

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A Miami grad owns Upslope brewery in Boulder, CO.


Really? I work in Boulder 3 days a week and will have to stop by. I like some of Upslope’s beers!

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Matt Cutter, one of the founders of Upslope, was a Phi Psi at Miami. That’s how I know of him. Perhaps one (or both) of the other founders is a Miami alum, too? IDK. You should definitely stop by.

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John Haggerty, Miami class of '92(I think) and a member of Alpha Tau Omega is brewmaster at Warped Wing in Dayton as well.


Surprised it’s not called Rufus.

I am certain that if Miami had a NIL program like UC does, this would not be an issue.

But since Miami does not, here we are now.

Does that mean we should boycott those two establishments? Hell no.

Carry on. You know what not to buy when. you go to those places.


Warped Wing Brewery offers “ Fly Light Lager”,a % of proceeds goes to UD NIL
4% alcohol,95 calories.

Miami needs a similar offering.