Coach Hedric - 90 Years Old Today!


Was the head coach during my Miami years from 1980-1984. Last 2 years were fun with Ron Harper.

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Great coach. Great ambassador for Miami. He was there when Mrs. Bluesman and I were at Miami, 1983-1987.

Spoke with him before the intrasquad game this year. My freshman year was his first year as HC. His professional contacts and reputation got Miami several high profile opponents at Millett while I was there.

Just saw him coming out from dinner with Mrs. H and wished him happy birthday.


Love it

Was our coach for my four years. My roommate and I watched a practice every week for those four years. “The Whale” ran a tight ship: if players lacked energy or screwed up a drill, he would blow the whistle and yell, “What is this? Joe’s Bar and Grille?” I went back after graduation just to see Harper play. Coach H recognized me, and motioned for me to come down to the floor. We stood by the layup line and chatted for about five minutes about the team that year, and Harper. He was so gracious to do that.


For those around at the time, any insight on why Hedric retired in 1984? He was only 51 at the time, Wikipedia doesn’t have much detail.

Became athletic director, right? Maybe that was the reason?

IIRC he was an NBA scout for the Cavaliers and asst athletic director after he stopped coaching.


And Jerry Peirson was ready. But he wasn’t so good at locking his desk drawer from a person with prying eyes.

Edit portion:

He did win 44 games his first two years (with talent). And KC was given some “time off” to study!


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One funny anecdote about Coach Hedric. Quite often after a loss, he would say: I bleed for them when they lose."

Great coaching staff…and a pretty good player as well!