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I was invited late yesterday afternoon to a meet and greet zoom with Coach Box and other members of his staff. A few former players joined the zoom as well-Kelly McLaughlin and the Robertson twins. It was a nice insight into Coach Box’s philosophy on the game, recruiting and other topics. He went through every single player on the roster and discussed their strengths and weaknesses. It is interesting, our Spanish signee he actually hasn’t met yet in person. He also mentioned how he has numerous overseas ties and will be recruiting international players regularly. As for his style he said they want to play “pretty basketball”. He is looking to recruit players that can shoot. Seems to be a priority. I asked about an acceptable number of turnovers, pointing out the last staff averaged well over 20 a game. Obviously zero would be nice, but he said no more than 10-12. His post players will be called “queens” not posts. He is teaching them not just to play down low. He is still working on names for the non post players. So feel free to suggest some. Numerous times he said his door is open and to come by or email him with any questions. I also asked him how the circumstances of the last staff and what brought him to Miami has come up or effected recruiting, especially of high school players. I liked his answer. He simply states he had nothing to do with that, it wasn’t his staff, and moves on. It has come up but not often. He also mentioned his style of play will be different from most MAC teams. He specifically mentioned Creighton as an example. I’m probably missing some things. It went for over an hour. Also he did mention Move in Miami day and that he would like to take the team to the next level and any monetary support is greatly appreciated.


Thanks for the update. If the term Queens is derived from chess, and the theme will continue, I would suggest not using Pawns. Perhaps Castles or Knights.

I didn’t get the feeling it was from chess. I also don’t think the non post players would like being called “pawns”!

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That was my suggestion.

Were it up to me, I’d pick names from the NY area starting with the 5 boroughs. That’s where the most beautiful basketball is played. Queens. Brooklyns. Manhattans. That sort of thing.

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I’d go with kings,queens,aces etc.

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We seem have wandered quite a bit afar from women’s basketball!! :grinning:


Thanks for the update. Good info.

First, thanks for the update and info. It looks like there’s another zoom coming up! Does teaching them to not just play down low mean he’s also looking at running a 5 out offense? Did he mention what pace they were hoping to play at?

Of note, this thread is the inspiration behind the Miami Adjacent category.

I received an invitation to this today. I don’t think Coach Box will object to my sharing the login to the Zoom on August 21.

We would like to invite you attend our next Zoom call coming up on Monday, Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m. This call will run no longer than one hour and we encourage you to ask questions throughout the call. After this call, we will move to Zoom calls on a monthly basis. During this call, we will highlight some of the wonderful things that the Miami Women’s Basketball team is doing off the court, such as volunteering with Habitat for Humanity.

We look forward to seeing you on Monday, Aug. 21 at 6:30 p.m.!

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