CM Post Game Presser - Ohio

The title of this thread should be “We Shit the Bed Again!”

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Does anyone think the production value of Chuck jittering around talking down into his iPhone7+ adds a damn thing other than opportunity for ridicule. At least he wasn’t in the bowls of the stadium so his 3G data could connect w/o buffering. Looks cheap. Poor production and frankly bush league. He should just phone it in.


In prior years I felt like the SID hosted the interview and the quality was way better. I wonder if it is a covid casualty

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I listened to the weekly press conference

  • The first touchdown for Ohio was due to a pick play not called
  • the second touchdown was because we were worried about getting a roughing penalty cause we thought the runner was going out of bounds (seriously he said that)
  • Emphasized that Ohio was way better than fans thought because we didnt watch the film (vegas had us as a 7.5 favorite)
  • Said Ohio U was 11 points away from being undefeated (uh nooo- maybe in MAC games but they were 1-7- this is just more proof that he doesnt even count non conference games in his mind)
  • emphasized it was our 6th road game out of 9
  • emphasized that in the MAC virtually all teams are even and if you play well we can win any game and if we dont then we will lose (trying to think why would we spend $50M on football facilities if this is the case)

Look I know I am crabby this week because both of my teams lost to rivals that should be inferior opponents this year after years of losing to these same rivals.

But these excuses are so exhausting. Our goal should be to be the class of the league - not one of 12 equal teams hoping to win each game 17-14. Is the best we can ever shoot for in the regular season 7-5


Exactly, the level of acceptance of mediocrity is very sad.

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I’m always leery of taking too much from these press conferences, and I have heard in the past that Chuck tries to be as unoffensive as possible to avoid pissing off the other team. That said, I’m sick of this “everyone in the MAC is on equal footing” bullshit week in and week out. Chuck is in charge of both recruiting and coaching, so I sure as hell hope he has enough pride to think he’s building in an edge somewhere. Wasn’t he guy who told people to “google my name” a year after coming to campus?

By the way, several members of this board can attest to the fact that Army’s players were texting Chuck’s pregame press conference from before that game amongst themselves and laughing at how effusive he was about our opposition. He gave them the opposite of bulletin board material, and they still kicked our ass.

I’m honestly a little bit bored with the team at this point. We know exactly what we’re going to get year in and year out and it never changes.

  1. Lose all our OOC games, unless we have an FCS matchup
  2. Win 5 or 6 games in conference play
  3. Take one or two dumb losses that we shouldn’t
  4. Finish somewhere between 5-7 and 7-5
  5. Finish top 2 or 3 in the East (usually 2 or 3)
  6. Sweat out whether we reach bowl eligibility
  7. Sweat out whether we get a bowl even if we’re eligible

Same thing every year and it’s going to be the same thing every year as long as Chuck is here. Really hard to get excited for.


Right? In my mind Chuck has a plan B: if he is fired from Miami, maybe he can be hired by another MAC team. So, no trashing, always elevate the opponent, etc. Recall that OU coach said our QBs are game managers? And that is how CM responde: elevating them.

To hell. Be a man, stop crying after wins, and be freaking confident. Stop elevating our number 1 rival. And for once in your life, take responsibility for a loss. Learn with Owens for example. Say what you want about Owens, but there is no bullshit after a humiliating loss.


His presser was comical…sorry…as much we all recognize Dick (great guy) as one if not the top fans…it appears the “fan base” is accepting of this…

We have probably one of our top QBs in 15 years…can’t win a OOC or beat at 1-7 Ohio team.

This is how I feel. I have accepted who we are. We don’t “suck” but we aren’t a very good team. Honestly, the MAC has been kind of stale for me since PJ left WMU.
Between 2008 and 2016, we had 6 ranked teams (5 in the top 20) make it to Detroit. Buffalo (last year) was ranked 23 but my personal eye test told me they weren’t a top 25 team in a non pandemic year. Upon further review, they weren’t even ranked in the CFP poll.
Parity is not fun in the big picture. It makes every game slightly more fun, but no games are elevated to the level of a BIG GAME. It’s all just kind of blahhhhh to me.

Last year both Buffalo and Ball State finished ranked- the benefit of winning their bowl games and playing no non- conference.

But I agree they werent WMU good

Agree, Quinoaburger. The MAC to me now feels like a very regional conference at the bottom of G5. It’s as if every team will finish between 7-5 and 5-7.

The Belt is obviously the up and comer. The AAC has been the G5 top dog but it’s currently losing its luster. The watering down of CUSA is the only thing I see that is keeping us from being the buffer conference between G5 and FCS.

The 21st Century brought us Miami ‘03 and a top 10 finish, the Jordan Lynch NIU team that held up fairly well in the NY6 bowl against Florida State, Cooper Rush and a decent CMU squad and PJ’s Row the Boat squad that played very well against Wisconsin in the NY6 Cotton Bowl. Since then, the entire conference seems to have fallen into a level of parity/mediocrity. Every team looks alike. None - except for perhaps Akron - is particularly good or bad. They win most of their FCS games and lose most of their FBS OOC games. Very predictable!

Maybe adding WKU and MTSU and realigning the divisions will add some interest.

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He acts like it’s fait accompli that every MAC team is going to be exactly the same every year like he has no control over the outcome. How about a dominant season where we are clearly the best team? Maybe try that on for size. It as been done before. Fairly recently actually. Parity in the MAC is not predestined.

We dont’ have to give the other team bulletin board material, but Jesus Christ, OU was 1-7. We should expect to win these games.

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