Cincy Light

In the spring UC partnered with Rhingeist to produce Cincy Light Lager with $1 of every 12 pack sold and $13 of every keg going to their NIL fund, Cincy Reigns. Pricing is competitive with traditional mass market light beers. Sales are so good they have already met their goal for the year and quadrupled production for the remainder of 2023 and had to add 7 jobs to keep up with production.

I don’t know if UC stole this idea from someone else but it’s absolute genius.
Cincinnati Bearcats: How Rhinegeist’s Cincy Light beer has taken off

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I was out at New Mexico State in February. They have their own locally brewed designer beer, too. Pistol Pete Lager.

Redhawk Red Ale has a nice ring to it. Maybe get on High Noon to make some Trash Cans too?


Instead of Michelob, make it McKee-elob. It’s great at blocking your thirst and intercepting your struggle for refreshment.


Are there any Oxford or even Hamilton breweries that can their own beer?

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When I was up there for the game with BG in 2027, there was one brewpub.

Hamilton has a ton of breweries, Municipal, Fretboard, and Swine City being the three on the northwest side of Hamilton, closest to Oxford. Municipal has been around for a while. I’d be great to get something going with more businesses over there.


I’d make a vodka or gin since it would be easier to market and you could sell the bottles for more money plus have a wider reach of demographic to sell to. I’d call it “32-1-1”
And it would honor our 74-76 football team and their collective record. Oddly enough I believe the sum of those numbers is also the same number you can legally call vodka or gin (vodka and gin) based on the minimum APV.

You’re welcome in advance athletic dept.

One for the Knolls: The SunSetter

Actually, it looks like Miami and Swine City partnered this year (although not to create their own beer).

From the article:

Swine City
Miami Athletics and Swine City Brewing have partnered to create the Swine City Brewing Beer Garden for Miami Football Gamedays, featuring Swine City Brewing’s most popular craft beers, seltzers and some seasonal options. The Swine City Beer Garden will include newly installed 4-TOPPS premium mesh seating and picnic tables along with cornhole, music and other fun gameday activities located in the south end of Yager Stadium.

Also, I had no idea what 4TOPPS seating was, but seems like it’s used at a lot of other stadiums!

Fretboard is delicious.

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Fretboard has a new location in Norwood at Factory52 - the old US Playing Card factory. Really cool spot with a bunch of other food options. Check it out

Fretboard is a Cinci brewery with a satellite location

Already taken care of

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Gimme the Redskin irish red lol