Chuck Martin Extension

Not sure what Backer meant by “those buyout numbers suck”. The biggest concern to me is always what the university owes should they decide to go a different direction and is that a barrier to the betterment of the program. As for what another school may have to pay to get a coach….there is probably not a number that would detour well funded suitors. In any scenario where a coach is being poached, it should be that the state of the program is good and would be an attractive target for another good coach. I don’t see this as posing great risk to the university in either scenario. What is encouraging is that the current momentum can continue and that MU is capable and willing to offer top level compensation in the conference.


Finally a press release from the AD


“Hey. If we fire you, you’ll get a $2M severance package.”

“Hey, if you leave for a bigger job, you’ll owe us $1M.”

Considering a bigger job would be at a cartel institution trying to wreck mid major athletics, I’d want to take every opportunity to exact every penny out of those mother fuckers. You think paying for a $2M buyout (versus $1M) is even a tough consideration for the P4?

If Chuck is worth it, a larger buyout wouldn’t hurt him. And I’m not trying to see Miami keep pace with Toledo……I’m trying to see Miami athletics survive


The $2 million severance is just semantics to me because we aren’t firing Chuck this year or next.

I don’t disagree with your sentiment in regards to sticking it to the P4 schools. But I guess I don’t know why Chuck would agree to a buyout more than twice than that of his peers? Just to be nice? He had all of the leverage in this negotiation, so I don’t see how Miami could think they were going to get that.

I seem to recall that Chuck Martin took a serious pay Cut when he left the Domers to come to Miami.
Somewhere in six figures. $400k? Anyone recall?
He should get increases at Miami and is great at working to develop the kids on the team.As players and as People.
We’ve spoken with him on several occasions and he will tell you the kids in the team need to be prepared for a good LIFE.


Chuck comes in at #11


Have to believe anyone who watches games would take Chuck over Candle.

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A lot of these guys don’t watch games.