Chet Mason named assistant coach for US U-16 national team

USA Basketball announced the coaching staffs for the FIBA U-19 World Cup and the FIBA Americas U-16 championship. Chet is one of the two assistants for the U-16 team!


Chet has been a coach with USA Basketball for quite some time. Glad he’s still working with them. His work with high school kids is amazing. He’s a tremendous advocate and role model for his players.


We need to get this staff to visit Brush. I assume Rob Summers recruited there while at Cleveland State?

Chet Mason is in my opinion a very underutilized resource. At least on the past staffs. Hopefully Steele and his staff are reaching out to Chet frequently. He is a very well respected high school coach in Ohio.

I’ve enjoyed Chet’s continued improvement of himself while he was a player at Miami to now being a coach and leader of young men. If the Jet reads these posts, he needs to know there’s a lot of Miamians who used to watch him play and are extremely proud of his accomplishments post Miami.


Yes. Didn’t really help us with Hugley.

Or Elmore James.

But everything I see says there is a good relationship there.

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I hope Steele gives serious consideration of adding Hugley through the portal- we need a true post player esp who can defend and rebound - and complement a hopefully slimmed down AM- Mason could help wi9th such an effort

He has committed to Ga Tech according to

The US U-16 team won gold!

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Recall interviewing Chet and Juby when I was at HS Journal. Chet was quite reserved at the time while Juby was all about getting to the Dance. Unfortunate that those two along with Seals never accomplished much at Miami. Clearly motivated and talented. Would be nice if they could steer more young men toward their alma mater.

Juby was 2nd team All-MAC in 2003 and 1st team All-MAC in 2004. Chet was Honorable Mention All-MAC in 2004 before his 1st-team All-MAC season in 2005 when he was named MAC defensive player of the year. During their time, they had to go up against the Huffman/Mitchell/Gates teams at Kent. Overall, the MAC was decidedly better then versus now. They didn’t get to the NCAAs, but they still accomplished quite a bit.

Yeah, referring to post-season accomplishments. MAC likely should have at least been a two-tourney conference then. Stand by my assertion they didn’t accomplish much as a team. Not commenting on whether they should have been eligible for more of an opportunity to prove themselves. That was a highly lauded recruiting class. Was expecting at least one trip to the Big Dance. And still don’t see these former players trying to steer their youngsters to Miami. Hopefully that will change.

Watching Miami basketball under Cooper and Owens, I wouldn’t have steered my players to Miami as a coach either. If they wanted to go, great. But until this past year, Miami’s style of play wasn’t a winning style and while Chet and Juby didn’t win as many games as we all would’ve liked, they still won a bunch and likely recognized that better basketball was being played elsewhere.