I don’t like moving our games off the ESPN+ platform - which I already subscribe to at $9.95 a month - and charging me $19.95 a month for just Baseball and Softball.

They were on chatterbox last year just for free on youtube

I watched a few baseball and softball games last year and the production quality was very good as was the play by play announcer.

Might be worth it for the High School stuff…

I’m not paying extra for college baseball or softball on TV. And if you try to charge admission at McKie or the softball atadium, you can kiss my Red & White money goodbye. Listen for free while you still can on Redhawk Radio (

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With this recent development:

Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery and Fox announced a joint venture to stream sports under one app.

The sporting events available will come from their owned and operated linear cable/broadcast channels; ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, SECN, ACCN, ESPNews ABC, Fox, FS1, FS2, BTN, TNT, TBS, truTV, as well as streaming provider ESPN+. The live sporting events will include; NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, FIFA World Cup soccer, a myriad of college sports (including some “March Madness” games and the newly expanded college football playoffs), NASCAR, Formula 1, cycling, UFC, WNBA, PGA golf and Grand Slam tennis among others.

I wonder what’s going to become of ESPN+. Does the content offered stay the same, especially regarding G5 schools? Will you be required to pay for the entire combined offering (at a much higher price than what ESPN+ currently goes for) or can you choose packages similar to cable TV?

I think $20/month is too much when ESPN+ is half of that, but people will pay crazy prices for high school sports.

What it sounds like is networks positioning themselves to be able to afford the massive amount of money the B10 and SEC will demand once they leave the NCAA.


Parents and grandparents will pay any amount of money to watch Little Timmy play “elite” travel sports. And so there’s an entire industry looking to exploit that.


Were baseball and softball ever on ESPN+? I thought it was just FB, MBB, WBB and VB.

Baseball was


Yeah, there is group called Black Bear that is trying to take over youth hockey, including the broadcasting rights of children’s games. They are making a move on LiveBarn, which is a crappy system, but allows for cheap, simple access.

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