CFP Selection Observation

  1. Miami snubbed!
  2. FSU screwed!
  3. Additional punishment for Harbaugh: Alabama!

We must have finished 7th in the final rankings. After all, we have the only FBS Ohio-based team that’s good enough to win its conference.

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Jim Harbaugh is a weirdo…

And their President is even weirder. Having watched him at UC, I was pretty shocked that he was given the UM job.

But seriously, if their injured quarterback is the rationale for dropping them out of the playoff, why is FSU still ranked fifth? Does the committee think they’re still better than Georgia and Ohio State? Shouldn’t FSU be ranked about 10th using their logic?

  1. Alabama travels better than FSU

  2. Alabama vs Michigan is a sexier matchup in the Rose Bowl

  3. I’m not in favor of Alabama getting in. I understand the committee was going to do it after the mess that FSU put on the field last night.

  4. Today’s decision will be forgotten in 20 years. But it will be the point of why there’s 128 teams playing football through January.

No way does FSU beat any of the teams that made it….so I think these are the best for at the moment

I also (even tho I am a fan of the bulldogs) think leaving UGA out is right. I do think that Texas could beat them now too. Not so sure Michigan or Washington could but they’re undefeated

Possible scenario:
FSU wins its NY6 bowl
Bama beats Michigan
Texas beats Washington
The title game is a Bama/Texas rematch

Then FSU, a college football blue blood and brand name, would finish as the only undefeated P5 team and never get even a shot at competing in the playoff. That’s actually historically mind-boggling.

Welcome to knowing how it feels to be a mid-major team, Seminoles.


I’ll be surprised if Michigan scores 10 points on Alabama

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They won’t admit it but they were going to fuck Florida State even if Travis was still playing.

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I know Bowers and McConckey are hurt but Bama is so good on defense. And Milroe is going to filet their D

I think Georgia is going to roll FSU. They have to be pissed at everything yanked out from under them yesterday.

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And the Seminoles are less pissed?

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They aren’t but they don’t have GA’s firepower.


They’ll both be super pissed. Maybe Kohler could sign on as a last minute co-sponsor.

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Michigan is built to crush B10+4 teams, not SEC teams

They should be more pissed after McAfee did this to them……and it was beautiful!


Wrong Dawgs!