CBSSN has an 11 game NCHC package thisyear

This will be a major improvement over any TV coverage the conference has had since the NCHC was formed. Games are on Friday and Saturday nights starting in January and all 3 games in the Frozen Faceoff in March are included. North Dakota at Miami on Friday January 27 at 7:30 is the only regular season game in which Miami will be featured. Of course you can still purchase the NCHC package for other league games.

This is the same coverage as last year.
Year one had 18 games on CBSSN then went down to 14 then down to 11.

CC doesn’t even get a home game out of it.

Have they been doing the Frozen Faceoff on CBSSN?

Yes since Year 1. This has only been a good deal (somewhat) year with those other games, otherwise it’s like 1 game a year per team since then. Seems kind of silly to call them our media partner (even though they technically are) with only 1 game a year on tv.