The CBI only could find 15 teams and that included 12-18 Chicago State

The CIT is expecting only a 10 team tournament but there is still a Tbd and one of the invitees has over 20 losses

If I’ve seen the accurate sets of brackets it appears no MAC team - neither Toledo nor Ohio - was invited to any post-season tournament. Am I correct?

It also looks like both Toledo and Ball State were left out of the WNIT. BG and Buffalo are in.

Well, not the NIT which is the only one that counts outside the NCAA tourney.

OTOH, the MAC women’s teams got two (BSU and UT) into the new WBIT (positioned as better than the WNIT) with high seeds (UT is a 2 seed and BSU a 4), and BG and Buffalo also got bids to the WNIT.

So, 5 MAC women’s teams in post season and apparently only one (Akron) for the men’s. A “down” year for the MAC men’s hoops indeed.

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Thanks. Wasn’t aware of the WBIT. I assumed the WNIT would be the secondary tournament.

MAC should reach out to the NIT and offer to take the places of those b!tch@ss teams that declined an invite…

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Toledo said they had no interest in the CBI or CIT. they werent invited to the NIT. I assume Ohio wasnt interested. BGSU is hosting a cit game

No one is interested in Ohio U. Can’t blame them.

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Could an upstart looking to get into live sports like Amazon or Netflix start a competing tournament where the players are paid under NIL? Thinking a small appearance fee for everyone say around $5k and then a large winner’s prize similar to how the TBT works. Is that even allowed under NIL?

From the NIL side, yes, that’s already happening for a in session tournament:

Not sure if the NCAA needs to approve postseason tournaments too.

There is an NIL in season tournament starting in 2025

BG in the CIT??

Someone on the MAC board posted that Miami women turned down a WNIT bid. Is that even possible? We were 9-20.

Was it supposed to be WBIT and not WNIT?

Pretty sure the better teams mostly played in the WBIT.

Later on someone posted that it was the Miami Hurricanes that turned down the offer, and Yes, it was the WBIT.

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Here come the story of the hurricane.
That the basketball authorities came to name.
As the ladies by the sea instead of in the 513…

Sorry, I broke a guitar string….

Interesting bracket for the CIT:

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  1. what a joke

  2. of course it’s already nearly done, only 3.5 teams signed up