I saw a tweet from Miami that a quick interview with Steele and our 2 captains. The captains were the transfer from NIU and one of the division 2 guys. Is Morgan Safford still on the team?

A quick check shows him still on the roster along with a new walk on from La Lumiere. We have 17 guys on the team now.

Looks like it

And since they were named captains, I think they deserve to be called by their names: Darweshi Hunter and Bryce Bultman


Based off of last season, the obvious captains for this year would have been Safford and Mirambeau. However, both had academic issues this offseason, and that is not the type of leadership you want from your captains. So Hunter and Builtman are both in their final season and have played more college basketball than anybody else on our roster so even though they are new to Miami they have evidently impressed the staff with their leadership so it kind of makes sense when you stop and think about it.


Not just staff, the captains are voted on by the team.