Can universities afford the new NCAA 30K NIL proposal? Infographic

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Interesting chart. Considerably more obtainable for Washington and Stanford than for Alabama and Notre Dame.

That’s what the graph implies, but I think it’s not a great representation for that reason. Alabama makes much more in athletic revenue than Stanford, and has fewer athletes to pay (if they were to do the minimum).

It would be better if the top was just the AD budget. For example with Miami, you’d be looking at redirecting 20% of current expenditures, for an Alabama that’s closer to 5%


Athletic revenue is a much better way of measuring things. What percent of the big AAU schools’ budgets are things like research funding and large medical complexes? That money, in no way, can be funneled to athletes.

Stanford and Ohio State (and a few others I’m sure) fund ridiculously large athletic departments with total D1 sports teams numbering in the 30s, so one has to wonder if those fencing and lacrosse programs are built to last. Will most schools just pare things down to an NCAA minimum of about18-20 teams.


Crazy thing about that (to me at least) is that, we’ve long heard from the big schools like OSU that the massive amounts of cash football brings in has kept a lot of the “fringe” programs (shooting, archery, etc) afloat versus smaller athletic programs. Somewhat ironic that the very climate those big powerhouse programs have brought to the NCAA now looks to be the downfall of same programs saved by that money in the past…

Strange new world indeed

I would have to read the proposal in entirety but at first blush I would think that this mandate would be another Title IX result. Well intentioned but how long before we would see schools cut no revenue sports to reduce the number of athletes requiring this additional payment.

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And that’s a shame because all those non-revenue athletes are usually very good students in real majors who came in with grades and SAT’s equal to the rest of the student body.

Stanford and the Ivies will definitely keep their 30-something sports because, as the Varsity Blues scandal showed, those sports serve a purpose other than just being sports. For the big public university athletic departments though, this could be a bloodbath of lost opportunities and scholarships.


How will OSU look if fan support ( ticket sales) drop? Other mega college teams?
Mid majors ( Miami,etc.)?

How would any team look if ticket sales dropped?

Not sure the support for the big programs will drop though, even if people don’t like the new reality. They’ll complain, sure… as they get their wallets out to spring $600 for an OSU/ND early season primetime game…

Unless the money goes away (not happening), none of this goes away either I don’t think. Not unless the big programs go a semi-pro or feeder league route, and I don’t see any chances of that happening either.

Have you heard about the sold out crowds for the midweek November #MACtion games? Me neither. How’s it affecting the MAC ticket wise?

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