Calumet College game thread

If a thread starts in the forest and no one is there to post, does Anderson get 20 points?

I would hope we see Etzler today. Good game to ease him into the rotation. Probably at the 5 spot. Possibly 4 spot.

We have more cheerleaders than fans at this game!


About to see Etzler for the first time this year

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Yep, Etzler in. Miami up 21-6 at the U12

Not that I expected anything in his first game action but Etzler has done nothing except get beat on defense.

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Up 29-15 at the U8. We’re 5-10 from 3 and have yet to attempt a FT.

Jackson Kenyon in, cuz why the heck not?


Lairy continuing to drive into traffic. Much better when he drives and dishes.

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Mirambeaux doing what he should against an NAIA opponent. 7-8 from the field for 15 points. Hawks up 38-17 at the final media TO of the half.

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Anderson is trying to outscore a bad NAIA team all by himself.

And he’s only trailing by 2.


Anderson probably could score 30 today if he wanted to and he plays enough. They cant guard him.

Morris just fell for a fake shot clock from the Calumet bench.

Tatum and Morris just showed why they come off the bench. WTF.

Miami with their first dunk of the year. Safford!

It turns out that we were the last team in D1 to get a dunk.


Mirambeaux and Safford 13 of 15.

Calumet closer to us at the half than we were to ISU.

Well about what I expected. We look great against inferior competition. Steele has played every single body available to play.

Little one’s first game: