Caitlin Clark Plowed By Buckeye Fan

=>Iowa’s Caitlin Clark plowed over and injured by Buckeye fan storming court. Does not even check to see if she is okay or apologize.

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Comments are great (both sides). Big upset win by OSU.

“It just comes with the territory,” said Clark, who leads the country in scoring (31.0 points per game) and is second in assists (7.7 per game). “I’m sure they tried their best to do whatever they could, obviously it didn’t work and that’s disappointing. Just focused now on the game and ways we can get better.”

Clark is a hell of a player!


Clark is an amazing player. Love watching her play. I would like to see her and Paige Bueckers of UCONN play 1-1 against one another.

In a game to 10, I’d set the line Clark -1.5 (all buckets are 1s).

We used to love their drunk townie OSU fans at hockey games there.Ignit and rude.

I enjoyed watching Molly Davis play for Iowa. She seems to be their second best playmaker behind Clark. She played 3 years for Central Michigan before transferring to Iowa. This is her second season here.

She is an amazing player in that she is short, slow, and can’t jump but just has amazing moves , and ballhandling skills and passing ability and understanding of the game.

Interesting. Short, slow and can’t jump doesn’t sound very Sue Byrd-like.

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That is what makes her kind of amazing. I think her Dad was a hs Coach.

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Her dad has been fixing her headband since HS. When I watch her play I always feel like (and apologies to anyone that’s Amish here) she looks like she’s an Amish girl or someone from the 50s.

Also, I am amazed someone hasn’t figured this out but CC uses a step back move on everyone of her 3 pointers. Just let her score 2 if need be.

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I don’t know about this situation, to be honest. The Buckeye fan was a jerk for sure, didn’t even see if she was ok, but on the other hand, it was a great flop by Clark. Buckeye fan is definitely in the wrong though.

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Thats why storming court should be banned


That’s why cell phones should be banned.