BUGS fires HC Michael Huger

Two years left on his contract. No reason given.

Well, I’d assume two losing seasons after being there since 2015 isn’t good for your job security. It looked like he had BG on the way up for a minute but I guess not.

Had seen him listed a month or so ago as being on the hot seat.

No, I won’t be posting updates.

Well, his team basically showed no effort whatsoever in a win-and-in situation.

And for that, I thank him.


BG fans have been calling for this firing all year. They certainly did not waste any time pulling the trigger.

Jon Diebler? I’m too old for this s**t.

We need Jerrod Calhoun to stay out of the MAC

First, I think YSU’s Calhoun would be an excellent choice. Secondly, it is interesting that BGSU managed to find the money to buy Huger out of multiple years of his contract.

Calhoun would be an excellent choice for BG… and it would be horrible for the rest of the MAC

Where is Jermaine Henderson, why isn’t he on the list?



They were never short on offensive talent but they couldn’t guard anyone.

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Unsurprising, but Huger is a fine man so I hate to see it in that regard. He is the only one of
Jim Larranaga’s former assistants that didn’t prosper.

Losing 10 of 11 to close out the season isn’t great.

Some things aren’t funny. Especially attacking fellow members of this board.

Frack, 79, donated nearly $20 million to BGSU’s basketball program. This included money to help build the school’s new basketball arena, the Stroh Center, as well as an endowment which is predicted to fund the men’s basketball team with $675,000 per year perpetually. He also donated to a compensation package that helped lure new head coach Chris Jans to Bowling Green from Wichita State University.

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Wow! Generational funding for BG hoops!

I understand money from the sale of land to Amazon is coming to Miami at any minute!! :grinning: