Buffalo Week

Fun Fact: Buffalo and Miami are the only two teams in the MAC East that have scored more points during the season than they’ve given up - thanks to Wagner and LIU.

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Anyone have extra tickets?

Chris Vaninni’s 130 Rankings this week have us at #106, trailing Kent snd Buffalo but ahead of BG. Have to win all three.

In this case I like these rankings better…but we need a win, not something this staff does well (inspire).

Seem accurate…Potential future conference foes at bottom 1/3 and top 1/3 in MTSU and WKU.

Will tune in of course but am rather pessimistic given Chuck’s track record in big games and our abysmal play calling, particularly on 2nd and long and short yardage situations

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You’re right about the playcalling for sure, and obviously how Chuck does in OOC games. Though even if he leaves much to be desired generally, you can’t say in MAC play that he’s been a total flop in big games when we’ve pulled out what I’d argue are his biggest three MAC games in his tenure (2019 MACC, 2019 OU, 2016 Ball State) along with a host of other important ones (2019 Buffalo, 2018 OU) and something like ten home games in a row (mostly against MAC programs). No reason to think we can’t beat UB and then BG (both in Oxford) to at least get to bowl eligibility, even if it’s also very probable we lose at least one and even winning won’t address some of the underlying flaws of the current regime.


Nice win yesterday, Bulls, but the dadgum B1G West legends and leaders are coming to town next Saturday.


Looks like Buffalo’s offense is pretty potent this year. Defense seems to be weak. Going to take another good defensive performance next week on the road. Hopefully we’ll have Ty Wise back.


Wonder what the switch flip for UB was…thought they were down.

Anyway…just got to keep working the run game, we have all these running backs…gotta use em.

Our D will show up.

Maybe Holy Cross is now a powerhouse.

For the record, the Crusaders are still undefeated (1-0 vs. FBS, 3-0 vs. FCS and at least 31 points in each game).

Edit: Check that… I thought HC also beat UConn but that was last season.

Yeah they look like they’ve been good last several years (upper FCS)…but dropping 50 on EMU, who had kept Arizona St to 21 seems like a big leap…

I guess Arizona St not great…nice to see MAC rebounding as conf a bit in overall play, in this NIL world of P5 advantage.

Eastern Michigan used #2 QB Austin Smith against Buffalo because starter Taylor Powell had suffered a shoulder injury at ASU. Buffalo isn’t reporting injuries on the site I monitor.

BTW - Liberty was down to their third QB vs Akron so that might be why the Zips kept it close.

Buffalo favored by 1 point. Hoping this motivates!


There is home field advantage in that line.

We should be used to playing on the road by now.

I think this is actually the toughest game on the MAC schedule.

Oddly, when I walked into a BW’s in Merrillville Saturday at noon ( 11 their time), they only had 8 TV’s with a football game on and 6 of them had the Buffalo at EMU game. The first four times they had the ball, UB went 75 yards for a TD. When I left to drive to Evanston with 6 minutes to go in the game, UB still had scored at least a FG on every possession. Eastern was going up and down the field too.

None the less, I think our defense will slow them down quite a bit, and we can run on them. Still, they are getting better and with a 1-0 MAC record and Miami coming in, this is a very big game for them. Us too. Winner takes an early lead in the MAC East race.


We need to score more than 17 points to beat these guys, Dick.

Can we run on them? That’s what we need to win.

I believe UB is giving up ~180+ yards per game on the ground, so our OL looked really good blocking NU in the fourth quarter, no reason they can’t do it on Bulls.

Just need to come out with a running game plan and mindset…see if that opens things up for Aveon.