Buffalo vs. Miami

The local bowl promoters do. They invest in the bowl with the idea that it will attract fans who will buy beer, eat meals, and stay in hotels. I can’t remember which school it was. It might have been one of the Iowa schools. They had a reputation that caused bowls not to want them - particularly the bowls in touristy locations like SoCal, New Orleans, Florida or Las Vegas. Their fans were said to have traveled to the bowl with a $100 bill and the Ten Commandments and they never broke either.

I thought it was BYU that was the lots of fans that dont spend. Interesting that Stewart Mandel thinks it doesnt matter at the G5 level (your other question). I remember us getting called out by the Independence Bowl for a crappy turnout

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Yeah. I’m not sure I fully buy that from Mandel. I think it’s important to the bowl organizers but maybe he’s partially right that ESPN doesn’t allow them much input on that issue and basically makes unilateral decisions on Bowl placement.

ESPN runs 17 bowl games.
Football - ESPN Events

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Yep. Mostly G5.

I mean, that was 20 years ago before ESPN owned all the bowls.

Buffalo is dogshit.

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Yeah they are really bad.