Buffalo vs. Miami

Welcome to motherf’n Clinch Week. I was just at Ford Field on Friday night…they couldn’t be more ready for our return.

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I knew we’d be ok against Akron without Gabbert cuz they’re awful. I’m a bit more concerned about this one. UB isn’t by any stretch of the imagination good, but they do have two conference road wins (albeit at Akron and Kent). Our defense will need to be its usual stingy self, as the Bulls have only given up 17 ppg in MAC play. They’ll be expecting the run, so hopefully we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve. O/U for this one should be in the 20s, lol.

If Miami does what Michigan did in the second half vs Penn State, running the damn ball, Miami should run away from Buffalo. Team defenses aren’t built to withstand a constant rushing attack.

Ground and Pound it to Detroit!

Must be able to pass some . 50 yards won’t cut it vs Bulls.

Miami’s WRs are too good for the stats the last 2 games.

Smith seems worse throwing the ball this season. Hope game 3 will be better


I don’t understand why people keep thinking Aveon is suddenly going to break out and become an effective passer. Don’t you think that would have happened by now?

Don’t delete your posts. It ruins the show.


Putting the RED in RedHawks

Have we ever worn red helmets with the red jerseys and red pants?

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Maybe with those stupid MIMI uniforms.

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Good call. We wore red/red/red in 2015 at WKU (the Hilltoppers wore white at home that day)


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That’s just horrible


Why does it bother you so much every time someone does this?

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I think it looks kinda cool. Like a color rush jersey.

Disagree. I like it. And honestly, I’m surprised we haven’t worn red/red/red much at all in our history. It only makes sense given our mascot.

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If we’re gonna wear all-red, these uniforms are probably the best possible look we could go with (whereas MIMI was the worst). I prefer standard white helmets/red jerseys/white pants but this and the grey unis aren’t garbage by any means.


I think it would be cool to have all the all red uniforms, with white helmets with the red block M on the helmet. Then again what’s the difference what they wear as long as they win.?

As long as it’s not gray. :anguished:

I was there. We got our butts kicked so hard we had to unzip our pants postgame just to blow our noses.

I like the occasional switch-up with the grays


The Miami Tribe helmet is my favorite.

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I normally don’t like the standard grays but the Myaamia themed grays they wore last week were filthy.


Doesn’t bother me. But like I say…it ruins the show.