Bruce Dawkins '78 Track Team Cross Country Bike Ride for Alzheimer's Research

Take a look at this: KY couple riding bicycles across country

My teammate and roommate for two years, one at the old politically incorrect and long gone Redskin Reservation Apartments and one in the Banshee Hut on University Ave, is headed on a cross country trip to help fund Alzheimers research. Bruce was a four year guy on the cross country and track teams. Like almost all cross country and distance guys he was a skinny little dude. Gave me the nickname Husky because compared to him I was…uh big and husky (at 6’2"/225).


As a young man, I recall buying pants in the junior husky department at the local big box. Shilletoes. Also, I think the parallel area for young girls was called “junior plenty” No joke! So odd. Some things change for the better!

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As a real small tyke I remember my mom buying pants and having to trim about 6" off a small pair of pants. My waist was way too big for my legs! Had extreme growth spurt around 3rd grade and by 5th was one taller for my age but no longer buying husky style jeans.These days it’s back to too big a belt size for my inseam!
In the video Bruce still looked slim and trim. Very jealous! Can’t imagine too many “big and talls” are taking 3000+ cross country bike trips so he’s kept fit for sure! Good for him and what a great cause. It just hit me as I was typing this:I think Coach Zody, our track coach back in the day is also suffering the ravages of Alzheimer’s. Bruce did the funniest damn imitation of Coach giving a speech. To this day I think about it and smile. He was soooo good at doing Zody-isms. :slight_smile:

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He ran a good program. I remember him from my time at MU. Additionally, I feel like the new coach has done a nice job. Seems like we are producing some great results. Would be curious to know what former team members like you think.

From yesteryear.


Holy crap…Eddie goes deep into the archives!

Where do you guys find this stuff? Great Job!

Old Miami Student article.

Yellownumber he’s doing great job. Younger guy & was agreat college athlete. Nowadays i think he’s director of track and leads both mens and womenss track. There wasn’t even a womens track program when I was on the team (78/79). Has had some really great ones already. The '79 team Iwas on has three guys in Athletic Hall of Fame. New coach should snag his share if he stays as long as Coach Zody.

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The men’s and ladies are both top 8 in the region. I think he’s got top 30 teams in each group here.