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Seems like a really good coach.


Sucks, but not surprised. That guy is going places and I wish him well for his work this past season. Can’t fault him for taking a P5 coordinator position at a historically solid program.


Former RedHawk long snapper Evan Crabtree is a Special Teams assistant at Tennessee. Might be a name to watch.


This is why I kept saying ad nauseum, including messages to the University directly, that we needed to increase assistant salaries. I knew if we didn’t we would lose some of the best assistants in the country. Bronk is one of them. Bronk’s current contract, which ends 1/31/24, pays him $104,000.

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No matter what raise we were able to give him, he was probably going to leave anyways. If our special teams were merely above average this past season then he’d maybe be here longer, but coaching the Groza winner and the #1 ST unit in the nation is too successful to be ignored.


I tend to agree. Glad he was here and made a huge difference. If his total coaching skills keep progressing, maybe we will see him as a head coach down the road. Here, or somewhere else.

But the more money we could have given him the harder we could make the choice. We don’t always have to take a defeatist attitude.

Then if he is going to still leave no matter what Miami pays why does Miami have to pay more? Making a choice harder that still will go against you doesn’t really help you in the end. I do agree with you Miami needs to pay assistants more.

PItt was likely paying Andre Powell, the recently fired ST coach, somewhere between 215,000-250,000.

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Hard to pass up coaching in a P5 conference AND using NFL facilities AND working in the best city in the USA

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We should pay more to make the choice more difficult, if we have a solid assistant who’s deciding whether to move or not it may make a difference. Acting like an extra $20K would’ve made a difference with someone like Bronowski is folly, a MAC program like ours cannot afford to pay enough to make a coordinator or position coach of his quality untouchable.


Were the Cradle of Coaches, not (with rare and notable exception) the Dream Job of Coaches. Glad to see him moving up to success on a bigger stage.