Brian Flores Lawsuit

Flores dropping all kinds of bombs in his discrimination lawsuit.

  • Says he was offered a $100k per loss bonus by the Dolphins to improve the team’s draft position and higher ups were livid when the team kept winning
  • Says the Dophins’ owner tried to violate the league’s collusion rules to recruit a “high profile” free agent QB and complained to the GM when Flores wouldn’t go along with the plan
  • Says the Giants had already hired Brian Daboll 3 days before they interviewed Flores to comply with the Rooney Rule
  • He first discovered this when Bill Belichick texted Brian Daboll to congratulate him on getting the job, but accidentally sent the text to Brian Flores instead
  • Says John Elway and Broncos staff showed up hungover and more than an hour late to an interview he had with them for their coaching job


Definitely not the news the NFL wanted leading up to the Super Bowl.

While I tend to believe what Flores is alleging, doesn’t it kinda seem like a lot of hearsay? I’m not a lawyer, so I obviously don’t know what I’m talking about. Just seems like a lot of “He says…”. I know there are the texts from Belichick, but how much hard evidence do you need to win a lawsuit like this?

I assume the end game here is a settlement with real
Reform (not just lip service) and some $ for coaches passed over ….

At first, I didn’t think this would be anything.
When I saw the thing about $100k for each loss, I started to second guess myself.
This will be an interesting follow.

I actually think the texts confirming the hire before the interview are also bad…kinda blows up the Rooney rule process.

I believe it is worse, but stuff like that get swept under the rug. That’s all I’ll say about that.
When money and the integrity of the game become involved, it becomes a bigger story.
Flores must think he can win because this certainly ends his career or comes damn close.

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Hue Jackson now claiming he was paid to lose games with the Browns.

Browns’ ownership really didn’t need to pay for that did they?