Brett Gabbert Podcast

Jack Schmelzinger did an interview with Gabbert talking about his injury, rehab, future plans, etc

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He seems very unsure about whether or not he wants to continue playing football

Nice job on the interview by Jack.:+1:


So,Brett has a rod in his collarbone and one ( or Two?) in his broken leg (Tibia and Fibula) from this year.
Time to join the coaching staff! QB coach? Be able to play golf when he’s 40??

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Can’t say I blame him. He can have that Lance Harbor career.

To be fair, he has not said he is not going to try to play, The decision has not been made.
In deed, he does need to see how it goes and what he wants to do careerwise. Most of us would say it has been a great run and at this point maybe it is time to think about a coaching career or some other career if that is what he wants. He is old enough to be able to look at the risks and listen to the Dr’s and choose what is best.

I want to tell Brett to take time and look at his options. Being able to play with his kids one day is way more important than another season at Miami, though I’d be glad to have him back. His family has revolved around football for so long, it’s probably that much harder.

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