Brad Adamonis wins another minor league tourney

Brad won an APGA event a week or so ago. Got 10k and a sponsors exemption into a PGA event in Mexico in November. He’s 49, so all you old guys out there like me, take comfort there’s still someone from our era who is playing pro. I think he’s going to be very successful on the seniors tour. He’s eligible starting in November I believe. Now we just need Patrick to start up again and we’ll have a lot of reason to watch golf in the coming future.


Any idea what status he will have on the Champions Tour? I understand Q School is impossible, so hopefully lifetime starts on Tour(s) helps him.

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I don’t know, but I’m connected with an ESPN golf writer so I will ask him and see what he says.

He will have no status on the Champions tour. You have to have 4 PGA Tour wins to get status and he has zero.

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Thanks much for the knowledge.