Box makes an offer


Good, but expensive private school, not far from my house. Truthfully I know little about their girls BB team, other than they had a good season this year. But glad to see Box is making offers. I know someone who is coaching AAU girls this summer while playing pro ball in St. Louis, before she heads back to Europe to play women’s pro ball, so I will see what, if anything, she knows of Turner.


I will say I like the work ethic and focus I see in this video.

Holds offers from Belmont and Gonzaga from what I could see.

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Class 5, All State, Missouri.

So the first line in every visit or call can be “you are going to put this program back where should be”.


Probably better than “there is no I in team but in this case, I’ll make an exception.”

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Whoa, she shot 60% on threes.

This was on Miami WBB Twitter.

I don’t know if this indicates that Coach Box has retained Belke who was DOBO under Hendrix or not.

However, she is out recruiting.

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John Burroughs, alma mater of Jon Hamm, Ellie Kemper, and Zeke Elliott.

Two great actors where it’s better to know as little as possible about their offscreen lives, especially their school days.

Also a friend of mine and her younger sister (the younger sister went to Miami!)

Well arguably Box can’t recruit all by himself. Not efficiently and not being able to cover more than one place at a time. So I am glad he has someone out recruiting with him.

Kind of like Box and one recruiting…


Agreed. I was just pointing out the Belke was out recruiting which may indicate that she will be retained.

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