Box Completes Staff

First impressions, a lot of very good experience. Two former head coaches. Involvement with AAU. A former player for Box. And a lot of success.


Looks like a high quality staff with experience throughout the Midwest, Great Plains and the South. Solid connection to Ohio and experience ranges from JUCO to the WNBA.

Rebuild it and they will come.


I’d like to think maybe they can snag a few transfers now. We basically need an entire team so more coaches will help. Here’s hoping they have connections to players and we start hearing of new signings.


Interesting that the Conference Offensive Player of the Year mentioned in Coach Thompson’s bio from this past year apparently was Laney Bone. Signed with Buffalo and listed on the 2021-22 roster but it does not appear she ever played.

She would have probably been a good addition as a 5-11 forward but it appears she committed to Longwood a week ago.

You’re doing the headline thing wrong.

It should be: “Box Firms Up Staff”.

Bonk you’re an absolute rascal. And I’d venture the NY Post has a job if you’re interested.

NY Post not good enough. He is needed in London

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Very timely since yesterday I was thinking about its headline in 2007: “Ike Turner Beats Tina To Death”.

Better than mine which was “Proud Mary burns out.”
Sad deal there. She was in great shape most of her life. Hard to believe Keith Richards outlived her.

I’d have said it as “Dirt bag takes a dirt nap.”

Our new associate head coach, Ben Wierzba, is the older brother of Rhet Wierzba who served alongside Coach Box as co-associate head coach at IU. The coaching business is indeed a relationship business.

So many headlines missed because Box didn’t hire someone with the last name of Pandora.

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Kind of apropos because we have nothing left on the team except Hope.

Or a member of former Brave Roland Office’s family.

While at Miami, My roommate and I went to a Reds-Braves game, sat in the outfield, yelled out Office’s name, and exchanged greetings with him.

My favorite headline of all time: “Headless Body Found in Topless Bar.”

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The old Arkansas football update: “Nutt says Dick to replace Johnson against Cocks”