Bowl Season Set

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Reminder on the bowl tie ins for this year:

  • Bahamas Bowl vs Conference USA
  • Barstool Arizona Bowl vs Mountain West
  • Famous Idaho Potato Bowl vs Mountain West
  • Quick Lane Bowl vs Big Ten

At least two of:

  • 68 Ventures Bowl vs Sun Belt
  • Boca Raton Bowl vs Group of Five
  • Camellia Bowl vs AAC or Sun Belt
  • Cure Bowl vs Group of Five
  • Frisco Bowl vs Group of Five
  • Myrtle Beach Bowl vs AAC or Sun Belt
  • New Mexico Bowl vs Conference USA
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Moving the Bahamas bowl to the end of season is interesting IMO. Feel like that makes it better than being one of the first games.

Snoop Dog Bowl will feature a MAC team. Is this aka the Barstool bowl?



Three difficult to get to bowls and one just up the road as the automatics.

Bahamas is the most difficult to get to and the band and cheerleaders can’t go. Myrtle Beach Bowl would be sick. Camellia Bowl isn’t on Christmas this year when all the historical attractions in Montgomery are closed. That’s a plus. Mobile is always way cool.

Miami is about due for French fried potatoes or perhaps some gin and juice.

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Yep, just copied a list that was out of date and had Barstool instead of Snoop as the sponsor.


I’d be a fan of the Arizona Bowl especially now that it’s not under Barstool and is actually on TV (the CW). Will probably get some extra attention this year from the Snoop Dogg sponsorship.

I’d also selfishly like the Detroit Bowl at some point as it’s always right after Christmas when I’m normally in SE Michigan so it would be easy to go to, but I get that it’s not a great trip for the players.

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Detroit doesn’t scream winter vacation destination, especially if our fan base has just been there in early December for the MACC. But I get that it’s the least expensive and closest option.

I’m down with Gin and Juice. Would probably fly into PHX and drive the two hours down to Tucson.

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Would love to see in the New Mexico Bowl—1 hr down the road from Santa Fe or the Snoop Dog Bowl- about 6-7 hrs away.



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“Presented by Gin & Juice.”

Please don’t forget again……lol

Last year Barstool was on the CW too. So the tv option is the same but last year this board hated the Arizona Bowl and this year we love it? I just dont understand

Personally I love the Arizona Bowl. Late date. Good opponent. Good location. Dont really care if it is Barstool or Snoop Dog


I think most of us didn’t like the broadcast crew that Barstool had calling the game. It was like the Beavis and Butthead version of Herbstreit and Fowler.


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Forgot last year was on the CW. Was thinking of previous years with streaming only.

There’s very valid concerns for schools not wanting a super close association with Barstool, and the broadcast of the game was pretty terrible unless you were tuning in with the intent of essentially watching a barstool podcast with a football game on in the background. This year it should be a normal bowl game again.

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Schools want to be connected to gin and juice?

Not an ideal bowl for Liberty vs BYU, for certain!

A celebrity premade cocktail brand is a very inoffensive sponsor for the majority of schools.

With the barstool sponsorship, both the MWC and MAC had to issue internal memos to reassure members about it:

So yes, definitely not the same.

Setting aside Barstool’s general tone etc (which people can disagree about), they were owned by a sports gambling company at the time. I can definitely see schools being concerned about a bowl sponsored by a sports gambling company.