Bowl Game Merch

Did anyone else order gear from the Frisco Football Classic website and, if so, has it arrived yet? I bought 2 shirts on Christmas (the website had a cutoff of Dec 27, iirc, to get orders in) but so far I’ve received nothing and the email I sent TeamIP (the company tasked with handling merch) last week went unanswered. Wondering if anyone else is having a similar experience.


I ordered one from the Miami site before the stuff at ESPN became available. As promised, I got mine about two weeks after the bowl game.

Still haven’t received mine yet. I’ve called the company several times, they responded maybe (emphasis on “maybe”) half the time. They couldn’t find my order (even though I have the digital receipt with the order number) and said they would file my order again. I still haven’t received an update on that, including after I called again today. I’m thinking of just going straight to the credit card company and trying to negate the charge, since we’re getting close to the 60-day window.

Maybe try contacting the bowl game staff since the vendor was the “official” supplier of bowl merchandise.

Send me your pdf receipt from TeamIP if you still haven’t gotten your gear. The director of the bowl game is looking into this.

If anyone else is in the same boat, send me your receipt as well.


Just emailed you the pdf.

Chuck must have gotten his as he was wearing a Bowl sweatshirt when interviewed after first Spring practice. :grinning: