Both weekend games are on ESPN3

Miami’'s game tonight at 6:00 at Harvard is on ESPN3, Miami’s game Sunday at 11:00 AM at Brown is also on ESPN3.


Probably for budgetary reasons, it would appear Miami isn’t broadcasting any non-revenue sport home games on ESPN+. Some of the MAC schools are.

Miami #24 in the country loses to Harvard #7 in the country 1 to nothing with only 4 minutes left in sudden death overtime.

Of note Harvard was in the final four last year and lost their semi-final game in overtime.


Very evenly matched game. Harvard’s strategy is to beat everyone 1-0.

Perhaps even more telling, shots only favored Harvard 8-7, and SOGS were even at 4. Impressive performance by Miami.

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Volleyball is on right now (Saturday) on ESPN +.