Bonewit-Cron off to Penn State

Bummer to see her go, she got the swim and dive teams back on the right track.

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We just hired their volleyball assistant as Condit’s replacement right? Completes the trade I suppose.

Good for her!

I sorta wonder if we are dumping men’s swimming. Reason is, the MAC doesn’t exist anymore after this year in men’s swimming (someone keep me honest here) and each replacement that’s come in feels closer to D2. Maybe she saw the writing on the wall. I could be wrong here, just a thought that entered my head a while back.

Men’s swimming is moving to the Missouri Valley Conference.


Tyou for the insight, I guess I’d ask, is that good? I have no skin in the game. Just curious.

I don’t know if it’s good, bad or otherwise. Probably more procedural than anything as the MAC had 5 MVC teams and 2 MAC teams so let them be in charge of oversight and running championships.


This is what the “Cradle of Coaches” is all about. This is why Miami can hire quality coaches who have big aspirations that begin by being very successful in Oxford,Oh.

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It’s basically the same as before just under a different name. Many of the men’s swim MAC affiliates were MVC teams

Will a men’s swimming result still be able to be used for the MAC all sports trophy? My guess is no.

Doctor Cakes, I don’t see it that way in that if the majority of the teams aren’t MAC schools, it’s not a MAC sport. Should we win the league does it count for Reeces Pieces points? (Or is it Jacoby? I can’t remember. I think men’s is Reeces Cup). The only team that we have that is an outlier is hockey but that’s a very different animal. Anyhow, hope you are hitting them straight. You and Eli should have a head to head match for charity. I bet you two are pretty even handicap wise…

I didn’t say it was good, bad, more or less difficult or meaningful. Just making an observation about the state of the conference. It’s more or less the same makeup of teams

You might be right. Now about my golf question…

You don’t wanna see me on the course right now my game is an abomination. Give me 2 months of nothing but golf and then we’ll talk :joy:

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There used to be a hole left from the old course at Miami not far from the current third base line at Hayden field. I loved to chip after practice. Green lined up in front of Marcum so if you cooked one watch out!

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