Blue line club hockey team practice,meet and greet Sat am

Anybody attending Sat am Blue line Club event at Goggin?
Coffee with coach,practice watch,skills competition. See what the team
looking like for this year?

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I plan to be there.

In case anyone here was wondering about this small community event… yes, the Blue Line Club hosted a delightful gathering of about 75 attendees for practice, a skills competition, and then lunch with the team and coaches. I enjoyed meeting up with the boys as always. They are, to a man, a great group and stayed for the duration answering questions and overall being good ambassadors for the program.

The practice was about what you’d expect for this early in the season and my old eyes couldn’t make out many numbers on the helmets so I have nothing to report related to any standouts. However, I was surprised and very impressed with one thing I saw: in the hardest shot competition, Alex Capstick was technically the winner with the fastest shot on the speed gun, but freshman defenseman Axel Kumlin (Stockholm, SWE) had by far the wickedest slapshot I have seen in quite a while. Easily approaching 95 to 100 mph, it was never verified simply because the jugs gun kept malfunctioning during his shots. I suspect those shots may have exceeded the gun’s capabilities, but at the very least we definitely have a sniper on board.

It was nice to see how integrated the team is; the various classes sat with each other. Also good to speak with graduate transfer goalie Carter McPhail who’s still awaiting his new Miami helmet to come from the painter’s. He had covered all the Ferris State markings on his old helmet with RedHawk stickers and is anxious to face-off against the Bulldogs in the first game on October 1. Incidentally, his very first start for FSU was here at Cady Arena. With both assistants on the road recruiting, it was left to Coach Berge to make the welcoming remarks and he seemed genuinely pleased to be there. I left with a sense of renewed enthusiasm for this year’s edition of the IceHawks.


Really wanted to make it but couldn’t, so I sent Hockey Chica. She had a lot of fun.

I also had fun as it was a nice event- thanks to the Blue Line Club and coaches, staff and team. After a spirited scrimmage the team seemed to enjoy the skills competition. A lot of fun watching two goalies racing around the rink in the speed competition. Meeting the team was nice to get to know the new guys.


HockeyChica did take some photos of the event. It’s training camp for photographers too!

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