Blogging Jive’s wedding

Off to a hot start. Showed up to the chapel at 6:34 for a 6:30 wedding, looked inside, saw Jive was already married, tried to open a locked door to the inside of the chapel (only to then realize it was locked) and scurried away.

Now at a bar sweating my LSU bet until the reception.

Probably for the best

Jive just called to ask me where I am. First time I’ve ever been called out for missing a wedding ceremony (note not the first time I’ve done it). Was in the middle of telling the bartender about the rollercoaster ride I went on at the Blackjack Bonanza table at Harrahs, which caused me to be late.

Everyone please root for the following to justify my lateness:
LSU +28.5
Mich ML
Canelo to win

We’re going to need some reception debauchery pics.

No hors d’oeuvres. Fuck you, @JiveHawk.

Skirt steak is actually not overcooked. At least not aggressively so. Maybe a wedding first.

The girl sitting next to me doesn’t seem impressed that I’ve transacted with bookies at the Dunkin’ Donuts less than a mile from her home. Really thought that was my in.


LSU bet looking almost as good as Mr. and Mrs. Jive.

We’re onto Canelo, friends.

You all look like a million bucks. Have a great time!

I just ordered the UFC ppv, and I’m a few deep at the moment. Prego wife is asleep on the couch, so I’m trying not to be loud, but the Justin Gaethje - Michael Chandler fight was amazing.

Sorry, non-sequitor I guess. Congrats again, Jive!


Congrats and Best Wishes to the Jive couple!

Was Brad Bates your plus 1?


I love this thread

Congrats Jive. All the best to you two.

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Congrats, Jive!

Congrats Jive. Big mistake inviting Alex anywhere!!!


Congrats Jive!

Nice of Alex to turn your wedding into a Good Fellas subplot!! :sweat_smile:

This is good stuff…congrats!