Billy Packer died

I am an old guy and Billy Packer was the announcer for the main college basketball games when I loved college basketball including the final 4s for like 30 years

He also commented on some putt putt golf show that was available Saturday mornings - it was odd

But my favorite memory was watching the replay of the first round game vs Washington in 1999. I was in New Orleans but in the replay after Wally made his second or third shot he said “This defense isnt going to work” - thank god he wasnt the coach of Washington because 43 points later he was proven right


Son Mark lives in Charlotte and does a lot of stuff on the ACC Network. He had a show on the NC ESPN radio feed back in about 2008-2014. He moved to Sirius XM for a few years with an afternoon call-in show called Off Campus. He left there about a year or two ago and now I think he’s doing full time at ACC. Billy was a Wake Forest grad and Mark is Clemson orange.

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I enjoyed listening to him. RIP.

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Wow. RIP.

Didn’t realize until now that Billy was legendary Lehigh coach Tony Packer’s son.