Big MAC game tonight

Ohio at Kent at 7:00 on CBSSN

Current standings
OU 13-2
UT 12-3
KS 11-4
UB 9-4
AK 9-6
BS 6-8
CM 5-7
MU 5-9
NI 5-9
BG 5-10
EM 4-11
WM 2-13

13-2 Kent. It’s as if their coaches know what OU is going to do!

22-4. No field goals for Bobcats. Boals teed up.

35-8 at 4:00. Go for two.

39-12. Enjoyable to watch. BVP looks horrible tonight. Against us he was on fire both games and they played off of him all night. He has not done anything tonight and has not opened anything up for the other guys. Carter is playing tonight, but Kent is dominating them, just as they did last Friday at Toledo. Kent is probably the best team in the league at this point in the season.

45-15 at half. Halftime adjustments.

45-15 at the half. Announcer Steve Wolf says " The best thing that has happened to OU all night was the halftime buzzer".

Not sure what’s so enjoyable…only makes Jack Owens efforts more sad…can’t find one guy to guard BVP.

After beating us everyday of the week and twice on Saturdays for years…OU can get up for another spanking of Miami…and Miami well, we can hope for a seat at 8th place.

I don’t get excited about others poor play.


Scouting…strange concept.

75-52 Kent. Best team in the MAC at this point in the year, with back to back blowouts vs Toledo and Ohio.

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Buffalo Kent at end of season should be a battle.

I know we suck, but come on, OU being embarrassed on national television when some of their fans think they have an at-large chance is delightful. Whether we’re good or bad, the Bobcats struggling is always a good thing. And don’t give me that crap about their success being good for recruiting. Their success helps them, not Miami.


OU has 3 conference losses. You act like every team in the MAC had had success stopping their offense except Miami.

No I don’t…I just said we have had much success against stopping them (specifically BVP) as global warming.

I, in fact said the opposite, other good teams (i.e., Kent/Toledo can guard BVP, see above - averages 10 points against those foes) in the MAC can stop OU, while Miami does not look like they belong on the same floor (BVP averages 25 ppg against us,12 against the rest of the MAC), less maybe a half of basketball (even with them missing J Carter). Jive, your disjointed takes always crack me up…you are right not many have success against OU this year (really on two teams, but they’ve had some close games as well, only a couple), but I also doubt the rest of MAC is 3 and 20 versus Ohio. Hence, the sentiment. Most of the MAC slate for OU has had the full roster as well…we just had to slow BVP.

Eh, R65…you are right an OU loss is always good…and I don’t care about that conference success thing at all (OU is good regardless)…what I’m concerned about is Miami winning actual meaningful games…and we rarely do. Reveling in an OU loss after they handed us our 20th defeat in 23 games looks a bit petty and cheap.

If OU sucked and was continually down and bottom feeder like us, and Miami was on top, it would be a good laugh…a las this is not the case. BVP probably left it on the floor against Miami…and did not have much in the tank vs Kent…or maybe they just got whupped, it happens.

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Skins- You’re right, though I’m not above being petty and cheap.

Not you, R65…nor really am saying any of posters mean to be…

In short, can Miami just get to a place where we can talk some low-level smack again…please

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