Big Game Saturday in Millett vs 7-1 Indiana State

1:00 on ESPN3. Indiana State has a deep and veteran team, and they played their first 8 games at home. Wednesday night they hosted an undefeated and Missouri Valley Conference favorite Drake and won by 2 points. They hammered Tusculum State, Trinity Christian, and North Dakota State. They had a surprising 2 point loss to Kansas City. They beat Ball State by 12, and had close wins by 4 over Drexel and East Carolina.
Their website said they beat Drake before a “full house of blue shirted fans”. Basketball is their one bigtime sport and they are excited, it has been 17 years since they had a start like this. Let’s hope they don’t have more fans in Millett than we do. Show up early and be loud!

ISU has 7 guys in their 4th or 5th season. They only have 2 guys in double figures, Courvoisier McCauley at 15.9 and Henry Camron at 11.1. However, they have 5 guys averaging 8 or 9 and 3 more averaging 4 or 5. They are averaging 11 threes. We think we are a 3 point shooting team, but we average 9. They are shooting 48% from the floor, which is also very good.

We started the year with 3 starters and 2 other experienced guys out. Two starters are back and they make a difference.
We have had 14 threes two straight games. Lairy is averaging 16.3, Safford 15.7, Merambeaux13.4, Lewis 12.2, Smith 11.3, and Mabry 8.7. Come out, get here early, and let ISU know that they are not at home any more.


FYI, Miami now leads nation in FT percentage, 84%


Box score says attendance was 3,459. Hardly a packed house in a 11,000 seat arena