Big G5 game tonight on ESPN

App State 5-3 at Coastal Carolina 7-1. A win by Coastal gives them the best record of any G5 program. Right now they are not ranked, but a win tonight could elevate them. The only 2 ranked G5 teams this week are Tulane at #19 and UCF at #25. This is important because the top rated conference champion of the G5 gets a New Year’s Day Bowl game.

Best candidates to win the G5 slot on New Years:

AAC Tulane 7-1, UC 6-2, and UCF 6-2

Sun Belt Coastal Carolina 4-1 ( 7-1) and Troy 4-1 (6-2)

MWC Boise 5-0 ( 6-2)

CUSA UTSA 4-0 ( 6-2)

MAC None

Everybody else has at least 3 losses. One of these teams will get the bid.

I made some comments about the Coastal game in another thread. UCF beat UC and owns the tie breaker over the Bearcats.

My vote would go to Tulane or Coastal. Tulane hasn’t had a team this good in years. They should get the shot to prove themselves further.

Right now, I think those are the top 2 teams, but to be eligible, they will have to win their conference championship game.

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