Best day of the year?

Yesterday? Of course, you would have to be a big fan of the Guardians and the Reds. For the first time this year, at the end of last night’s game, both the Guardians and the Reds were in first place with a lead of half a game each.

I think what makes if especially gratifying is that both were at least 8 games under .500 this year and looking weak. I was always very hopeful about Cleveland because last year I think they were 10 games under .500 in June but yet ended up around 20 games over .500. Under Terry Francona they have almost always been slow starters and almost always seem to come together as the weather heats up. 4 of their 5 starting pitchers entering this season have been in the minors and or on the DL for most of this season. The Guardians have tried countless minor league starting pitchers and their rotation is still better than most. Great farm system. The Reds of course brought up 3 sensational rookies in the last month, a SS, 3B, and a starting pitcher. They also had some position players return from the DL like Fraley and Friedle and others.

After screwing up rebuilding plans for a decade, The Reds finally got it right and as I watch the recent surge it looks to me exactly like the Guardians looked as they came together and went on a long roll last year.

Last year the Guardians were the youngest team in the majors. They still are this year, but the Reds are second, right behind them. This year the Reds are the fastest team in the majors, but the Guardians are second. Both teams are very aggressive on the bases without getting thrown out very often. The other thing is that both teams have good bullpens anchored by one of the very best closers in the majors. The entire goal of both teams mostly seems to be to just get the game to their closer.

We are right at the halfway point of the season and it is easy to look and see who is on pace for over 100 RBI’s or 30 homers or steals, etc. Because India and Steer are the only guys who have basically played every day all year for the Reds, it is harder to measure what kind of stats their rookies and injured guys might end up with. India should end up with well over 100 runs scored. Jose Ramirez and Josh Naylor should go well over 100 RBI’s. Both Diaz and Clase are headed for over 40 saves.

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Dick, so happy for you! Happy for me as well as a Reds fan. The I-71 World Series almost became a reality in 1995 when both teams were in the League Championship Series. Unfortunately the Reds got swept by Atlanta, otherwise you would have had it. Don’t think we will see it this year, but never say never!

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As a Cardinals fan I don’t have much love for the Reds (much less antipathy than a decade ago however), though my wife is from Cleveland so the Guardians are now #2 for me. Would be fun to see an Ohio WS though, we haven’t had an in-state series since 2002 with Anaheim/San Francisco.

As a lifetime Reds fan living in STL since 1987, I am having one of my happiest MLB seasons in recent memory!! :joy:


With the Guardians coming on it’s time for the super fun annual guessing game of “will the Twins blow an easily winnable division in humiliating fashion or will they survive and then get swept in the first round?”

Turns out it’s not a recipe for success to give a $270 million contract to a .200 hitter who desperately wanted to leave the team until he failed multiple physicals elsewhere who’s best known for success had while cheating. Also probably not ideal to simultaneously trade away a .400 hitter in exchange for a back of the rotation starter.