Beautiful Day in Missoula

RedHawks trail Griz 1-0 early in the second half at Montana. On ESPN+. Access from Miami Soccer schedule page, too.

2-0 Griz now on a PK.

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Final 4-0 Griz. Montana completely dominated in the second half. Miami is quite offensively challenged. We’ve only tallied three goals all season.

We should have an absolutely stellar women’s soccer team. They have been stuck in mediocre for a while. I’m starting to worry the same is happening to volleyball, a once top 25 team.


The only common opponent was Ohio State. Montana tied them 2-2. We lost to the Buckeyes 3-0. Montana had eight players on their roster from the Seattle/Tacoma metro area and three from the Lower Mainland of BC.

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Yep, for the 3rd,4th or 100th time, Miami should always have good to great women’s teams. If you can’t recruit female athletes to Miami, find a different profession. Certainly they need a good coach, but hey, it’s the Jill’s and Joan’s.


I like it. I don’t totally get it, but I like it.

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Coach Sirmans has taken the team from last in the Mac to making the tourney. She literally took over a team that had maybe 3 D1 talent girls. It takes years bc they commit so early to get your own team. Let’s see how they do in the Mac. They lost to the Mac champs in semis by 1 last year


The saying among many coaches is “it’s not about the X’s and O’s but the Jimmies and Joes”. Had to change the gender.

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