Beat Ludvig and the GreenHawks to save our season series

The time has come, the regular season is over and everything that’s happened up to this point is irrelevant. Best 2/3 series in Grand Forks to move on to the frozen faceoff.

Unfortunately there was no update on Ryan Sullivan’s status in the press conference today. He went awkwardly into a wall on Saturdays game late in the first and struggled through a couple shifts. He tried to go at the beginning of the second but ended up standing on the bench for the rest of the period and sitting manning the door for the whole 3rd. Maybe a good sign he wasn’t back in the locker room with a trainer though. And I’m assuming Hallen is just done for the year.

The Hampus GWG against ludvig is going to hit like crack this weekend! 8 wins….

It’s fortunate we don’t have to head out to Denver this time. UMD is having loads of travel issues trying to get out there with the snow happening and are likely to have a long day at the airport tomorrow.

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Oh crap, I forgot about Denver’s snow affecting playoff travel. Fortunately Miami finished last.

Go RedHawks! 8 wins left to that national title!


More like fortunately Denver didn’t finish first :joy:

This Twitter thread will probably have updates on their travel status. I picked denver to win this series so maybe the crazy travel will help me out with that

And Omaha’s team made it to CC alright, they left early.


Line chart on Twit-X:

Miami Hockey (@MiamiOH_Hockey) / X (

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Hearing Ludvig Persson is sick and not playing tonight…

Not sure that’s good for us, he’s been bad against us especially in the Friday games

“Illness” (scared to play Miami)




Dare I say Miami played good in the first period??? Until the last ONE second :confused: they need to sustain their good play until the final buzzer.

Killed off a 5 min major, had lots of offensive zone time, forced lots of turnovers, good passing, kept it 0-0 until 1.1 seconds left in the period.


Yeah, that was a really good period with an unfortunate ending.

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I was kinda hoping Nodak watched what Wisconsin did last weekend and wanted a bye week before the NCAA tournament :joy:

This is about to get out of hand

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The second period has not been kind to us recently. Let’s try to change that tonight

As I said


They need to turn into prime Miami Club hockey rn and eat up on this 5 min major

Well they are still 8 wins away from a national championship! But now they have to be in a row…

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5-1 final.