BB Reseating

Just got an email yesterday saying that they are reseating all Millett season ticket holders and moving the Miami bench. Becasue of they way that they are letting us pick our seats (based on giving levels), many of us who have become friends with people that we sit with will not be together. We park in the handicapped lot and prefer walking up the ramp and sitting in the section behind where the Miami bench is now. I prefer an aisle seat and my wife can’t walk up too many steps. Our seats were perfect for us. Time will tell if we can get a suitable seat or we donate our deposit and watch the games on ESPN+.

You should contact the Miami ticket office and explain the situation.


Here is the full email:

Thank you for your support as a Miami Basketball season ticket holder during the 2022-23 season! We are excited to announce some changes to the arena experience that may impact your choice of a seat location.

Miami Athletics will be enhancing the gameday experience at Miami Basketball for our student-athletes and fans through the creation of a hospitality area at the south end of the court that will be open to fans for select games during the upcoming season. The home bench will also be switching for both the women’s and men’s programs to the southwest side of the arena, moving the visiting team to the northwest side.

Due to these exciting changes, we will be reseating the arena for men’s basketball (all tickets) and women’s basketball (courtside tickets) for fans to have the opportunity to select a seat location closer to the new Miami bench.

In order to guarantee an option to pick your new seats, men’s basketball deposits need to be placed by Friday, August 18, 2023 and women’s basketball courtside tickets purchased by Friday, August 18, 2023. If your deposit is not in by that date, you can still purchase your season tickets, but you will not be a part of the official seat selection dates.

To place your deposit for men’s basketball season tickets or purchase your women’s basketball season tickets, please click HERE to access your account or call the Miami Athletic Ticket Office at (513) 529-4295 for assistance.

How it will work

Every season ticket holder will receive a date and a time for their respective appointment. We prefer that you are in person at Millett Hall, but if you can not make it, the appointment can be completed over the phone/Zoom. During your appointment, you will be able to select any available seat and claim it as yours. (Available seats will be clearly marked with seat tags.)

All season ticket holders that have made their deposit/purchase will be provided a time for the official reseat, September 5-7, 2023. The first appointment slot will be awarded to the season ticket holder that has made their deposit and is also an active athletic donor at the highest level. If you have a question regarding your status, please call the Miami Athletic Ticket Office at (513) 529-4295. You can also make an additional gift to the Miami Athletic Fund by Friday, August 18, 2023, to enhance your position for selecting your new seat.

Thank you for your continued support of the Miami Basketball programs and we look forward to seeing you in Millett Hall for the 2023-24 season!

Doesn’t the ADA Act require suitable accommodations must be provided to those who are disabled?

YES it does.

It does but Miami has been very bad about the accommodations. There’s not as many parking spots for the number of those of us with permits and the electric operated doors at the handicapped entrance only worked for about half of the home games. The ticket office was made aware of these problems and keeps telling me that they will bring up the parking issues in meetings. I got the same answer when I made our season ticket deposit in May. They have no intention of doing anything about it until someone files an ADA complaint.

For those long-time season ticket holders: Has basketball or other sports re-done seating in the past or is this just unique because of the imminent arena changes?

So file an ADA complaint and put their damn feet to the fires. If they’re gonna drag it out, sick Uncle Sam on ‘em and let the Miami Student newspaper know.


Not a season ticket holder, but I know Millett has undergone at least 2 changes to the reserved/student seating in the past 25 years. I think the coaching staff may be behind this one.

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That would be my suggestion. If Miami can’t/won’t work with you and your wife as season ticket holders than F’em.

It’s similar to the seating selection for the Goggin when it first opened.

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Yeah, but you can try to let them know first and give them a chance to do the right thing.

I went to the reseat. I was told that I had to wait for seats in the first 2 rows until after 4pm, so they could accommodate those people that are disabled. We picked Row G but ended up with Row B, because after the time was up no ticket holders with disabilities picked them.


Glad you got something low to the court. I used to have row A on the East side of Millett and they were the best when my Dad got sick and he had troubles climbing a lot of steps. The ushers can help, too.


Another real nice touch, Khristian Smith, greeted us at the door of Millett Hall. It was nice to be able to talk to a coach when we arrived.

I forgot to ask for printed tickets. I left a message and Jody Seller called me back before he left for the day.

It’s good to see that the team appreciates their fans.

Can’t wait for November.